The Western Buddhist Order was founded by Sangharakshita in 1968.
The name was changed in 2010 to Triratna Buddhist Order, the order of the three jewels.

Sangharakshita went to India as a WWII army conscript and spent 20 years there. He formed his views on the Dharma (Buddhism) during this period, while studying with leading Buddhist.

On returning to England he saw the potential to spread Buddhism in the West and the need for a new movement to teach Buddhism and the Buddha's message. There are now over 2'000 Order members based in over 60 centers around the world.

The emphases of the TBO ( Triratna Buddhist Order ) are:

  • An approach tailored to suit Western society.
  • Commitment to spiritual practice over lifestyle. To this end, people who join the Order have the same ordination regardless of gender, occupation or domestic circumstances. Triratna is unique in Buddhism because women ordain women, something not done in any other Buddhist movement.
  • Openness to all interpretations of the Buddhist tradition e.g. Theravada, Zen, Tibetan.
  • Friendship among those who regularly attend our classes. Friendship being the whole of Buddhism. "Buddha"

The Southampton Group is part of the TBC. ( Triratna Buddhist Community )
Started in 1993, we run classes / courses on Buddhism ( Dharma ) in Southampton and teach Meditation in Winchester.  more...