Discover Meditation in Winchester

Monday's, 7.30pm - 9.20pm
Friends Meeting House 16 Colebrook St Winchester. SO23 9LH, near King Alfred's statue.

There is no class charge, payment is by donation.
This enables the charity to run the class in accordance with our Buddhist values.

Please just turn up. Beginners are very welcome. Loose clothing for meditation, cushions and blankets provided.

Three meditations from Buddhism are taught: Mindfulness of Breathing, to development awareness. The Metta Bhavana to cultivate kindness and Just Sitting to help you absorb the benefits of the other two meditations.

Everyone can benefit from these traditional Buddhist mindfulness based meditations, so they are ideal for beginners but will still benefit experienced meditators. Buddhism encourages working on the mind via meditation. Meditation is using the mind to change the mind.

Awareness can be revolutionary, and is now being widely promoted in the NHS. Mindfulness techniques like MBCT, MB-EAT, MBRP.

Love humanity and it will love you back. Metta Bhavana is a tool that will help you be kinder to yourself and everyone else, even people who at present you have difficulties with.

Just Sitting is just that, Just Sitting. Your effort is to be with your current / present experience, whatever that experience maybe.

Please don't go into the main building, we are in the Children's room in the garden.
Arriving and leave quietly will be appreciated as this is a residential area.

Please email:    TBOSouthampton [at]  for more details.

For those who would like to study Buddhism

  This group meets in Southampton.
It's a small group, who come together to meditate and study the teachings of Buddhism.
  There is a Thursday evening study group, meeting in Southampton.
Studying a course in Buddhism. More details are available on request.
Via email please.

Please email:  TBOSouthampton [at]   or phone for more details about any of the above classes.